Saturday, November 28, 2009

~I Aint alone ~



God, please give me a GF ~ then i need not to go out lepak with ma lat lou everytime, HAHAHA ! you guys suck wei.

New estima gonna delay because of some stupid naza management problem, the actual price from 242k raised up to 262k, but nevermind, new alphard or X6 is coming out soon ~ Good bye to benz S300 : (
*wondering*, when can i get my new car ~ hahah SLK200 would be great ~

and i'm here to wish xiao Mindy a happy birthday, HEHEHE !

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yesterday just had a fishing party with all my buddies,CS~ Pok~ CM ~ David. another enjoyable great night. Especially the noob fisherman TCSeong, spent more than 3 hours to fish 2 prawns. HAHAHAHAHAH ! let si fu teach you how to fish OKAY ?

Another good news is i've bought 10k stock units on QL resources BHD ~ earned 1.3k woohooo ~ i feel good ! XD

Not much hard feelings on this month, god gives, god takes, so enjoy life as much as you guys can !

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Story of YoYo,we Love you : )

When she was small Little Tiny PupPy ~

STop stArinG at me !

Yoyo : *i want my mommy*

Sayang Sayang Yoyo ~

i Jump ! i JumP !

WoOOoO, innocent face, Yoyo : Ex baba, please Sayang Sayang me ~!

Yoyo : Get me outta of here ! *Woof Woof*