Tuesday, March 16, 2010


When i first met her, her, her and HER.

Suddenly, i felt so old. Time passes real fast.

I miss the *Bitch* Anyss ~

My Bro nose always so red !

Ai yaaaa, most painful memories.

Remember the time when i hold your hands, slept with you on the same bed but do nothing, cho ! HAHAHAHAH ~

Why am i growing fatter and fatter, last time i was only 40+ kgs.

I lost the picture taken with laine, only left this, but nevermind, life still goes on ! 

HAHAHAHA ~ miss them so much, SEDAYAN ROCKS ~ i see BOTAK, Ah gua Ting Kin, Chiam Fu Fu and more ~ of cause Eileen too : )

Picture view by latest to oldest.

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