Saturday, July 17, 2010

17 July 2010

its been a long long time since i last updated my blog.
everything seems like going smoothly
final is coming soon, hope i can handle my exams well this time : )
recently, i met back a lots of my primary schoolmates,
AHahAHHAH felt so great that they still remember me xD
once upon a time, i used to be a very very naughty boy that skipped class everyday : P

and herm, i went for shopping with dear dear for the whole day yesterday,
aha ! feel so good but kind of disappointed because the gang were split into 2
and herm, a bit sad because dear's close friend dislike me.
However, life still goes on, i will try my best to make it
as you said ~ GOD BLESS ME ah monkey ! = )

                                HAhahahHAh ~ fat tummy bunny ~ miss you ~

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