Monday, November 22, 2010


My emo is back, haih ! i miss you badly, why you want to treat me like that =(
what can i do to save our relationship, its been a long long time since u last contacted me.
i love you jojo, i do, i really do.

There is a good news & bad news for my family, my dad's company is going IPO once again in Bursa Malaysia main board, this time my dad's sub company ( Upeca Tian Jin ) from china got the same offer in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as well. However the bad news is , the main office ( Upeca Engineering ) still incurred about 1 million average monthly losses.

Christmas is getting nearer, have you guys plan where to celebrate yet ? As usual, my dad invite me for a family trip during end of the year, it might be bali or japan, but it seems like it is the hardest thing in the world, because i dont use to spend my day with my dad, one of the reason is i feel very stress when i am with him.
SO, POK ~ WHAT's YA PLAN ! WOULD YOU BRING ME OUT together with mindy on that day ? =)


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