Thursday, January 7, 2010

Begining of 2010

I'm totally broke ~ but feel so happy ! HahHAhahAhaHA ~ after so long, i treasured almost every single shopping complex in KL's area. Finally, i've got what i want !

Hermmmm the relationship between me and my dad is getting worst, since the day we argued, he never talk to me at all, damn ! i am regret bout what i've did to him. As a son, i am suppose to listen to him, however, its too late to apologize. NO pocket money for this month : (

Suddenly, i am so desperate to have a girlfriend, where is my angel ~

And and and and ! MY NEW YEAR WISHES

(1) Pok can be my driver forever
(2) Pok can improve his dota's skill & team work
(3) Pok can get a GF as soon as possible, *GF = Gay fren*

Happy New Year Guys & Girls : )

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